AmeriClerkships Medical Society (AMS) was established on March 12, 2007, to help U.S. medical educators meet the challenges of improving resident preparation and selection process. In our view, this begins with access to a network of U.S. physicians and teaching hospitals, determined to see physicians of all nationalities succeed. AMS is also the intellectual property owner of the World’s Largest Online Booking Platform for U.S. Internships, Externships & Clerkships, known as MyClinicals. This live online system enables prospective physicians to choose to be mentored by any of AMS’ 800+ affiliated U.S. physicians.

Today, AMS and MyClinicals is a powerful extant professional network that streamlines and accelerates physician career development in the United States. Behind the scenes, AMS is supported by an incredibly gifted team that prides itself on accountability, transparency and tracking their members’ residency-placement outcomes. Say hello to your new best friends:

Pedram Mizani, MD, MHSA
Pedram Mizani, MD, MHSAChief Executive Officer & Chief Clinical Officer
Dr. Mizani founded AmeriClerkships and serves as our President. An International Medical Graduate himself, he moved to the US from Iran at the age of 14 and went on to become the Family Medicine Chief Resident at Morehouse School of Medicine. He served on two residency admission committees and is a current AMA-IMG Section committee member, giving him first-hand knowledge of what it takes to secure residency positions. Decades of experience, both personal and professional, has given Dr. Mizani the opportunity to help AmeriClerkships members secure over 2,600 residency interviews, PGY1 to 4 & licensed positions.
Nerissa Regnier
Nerissa RegnierSenior Residency Enrollment Strategist
One of the founding members of AmeriClerkships, Nerissa brings nearly a decade of experience to the table as a Senior Residency Enrollment Strategist. In addition strategizing and organizing clinical experiences for our members, Nerissa also coordinates with Kaplan Medical USMLE Preparation to ensure our members have every resource available to them to succeed during the Match.
Omer Malik
Omer MalikSenior Residency Enrollment Strategist
A graduate of the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, Omer Malik has over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry. With seven years of experience consulting international medical graduates as a Senior Residency Enrollment Strategist, Omer has been instrumental in hundreds of positive Match outcomes for AmeriClerkships’ members.
Kim Inocencio
Kim InocencioMember Enrollment & Hospital Liaison
Kim Inocencio graduated from the University of California-San Diego with a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science, specializing in Neuroscience. Kim’s experience from working in San Diego’s cutting-edge healthcare and research industry gives her an expert understanding of the inner workings of hospital processing, which she employs to streamline our member’s placement in hundreds of clinical sites across the country.
Jacquelyn Mizani
Jacquelyn MizaniDepartmental Manager
Jacquelyn Mizani has played an instrumental role in the growth and success of every department of AmeriClerkships since 2009. By leveraging her vast knowledge of AmeriClerkships’ interworkings as well as her comprehensive understanding of the industry, she is able to manage and support our employees, as well as provide excellent customer service to our affiliated physicians and members alike.
Tim Zellinger
Tim ZellingerHealthcare Writer & Interview Coach
Tim Zellinger graduated Magna Cum Laude from the California Polytechnic University of San Luis Obispo with a Master of Arts in History. He brings years of writing, design and research expertise from working in academia, the legal field and Silicon Valley to AmeriClerkships, providing custom writing and career advancement solutions to each of our members.
Sahar Bagheri
Sahar BagheriClinical Coordinator Physician Relations
Our Clinical Coordinator, Sahar Bagheri, received a Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of California-Los Angeles. Working alongside some of the world’s top physicians as a pre-med student and researcher at UCLA, Sahar’s experience with American physicians allows her to maintain AmeriClerkships’ network of attending physicians around the country.
Tyler Robinson
Tyler RobinsonHealthcare Administrative Assistant
Tyler Robinson joined the AmeriClerkships team after serving in the United States Army for four years in South Korea, where he facilitated battalion logistical support. He oversees AmeriClerkships’ cloud-based scheduling and administrative suite, and ensures our system is always performing optimally to support our network of members and attending physicians.

Collectively, the above team has been responsible for:




Members recommending our attendings for gaining clinical experience: 93%
Members who signed up for, and received both inpatient & outpatient clinical experiences: 92%
Members who graded our physician’s professionalism with a score of 70% or higher: 95%
Members who reported taking patient histories & assisting with exams: 97%
Members giving a +80% to the sufficiency of patient volume & medical conditions: 80%
Members who said that their attending did NOT agree to write a Letter of Recommendation: < 1%

Our Staff is Global, Just like Our Members.

We Pride Ourselves On Creativity, Intuition & Determination.

‘We Make Doctors’, and are completely determined to manage the entire lifecycle of medical education. Over 1,000 AmeriClerkships Alumni are currently overseeing ~20,000 daily US patient visits. Now that’s what we call making an impact.

We Are Creative

Creativity is in our DNA. From the creation of PGY1CONNECT to MyClinicals web search engine, our creative think-tank has led our industry since 1999.

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We Are Resourceful

We are firmly committed to managing the entire lifecycle of US medical education. After all, We Make Doctors, and are here to prove it one outcome at a time.

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