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24 01, 2018

Familiarize yourself with residency interview structures


by Pedram Mizani, MD, MHSA, family physician and chief clinical officer of the AmeriClerkships Medical Society Published in Residency Program Alert* on January 2018. Research has shown that interviews are filled with bias and that interviewers on average reach [...]

Familiarize yourself with residency interview structures2018-05-10T14:45:20+00:00
11 01, 2017

State Medical Licensure Policy Forum


This public forum displays a summary of clerkship verification requirements for “initial licensure”, categorized by states. It is a must read for any International Medical Graduate looking ahead to licensure. If you don't see your questions answered, contact us directly [...]

State Medical Licensure Policy Forum2017-01-13T06:53:41+00:00
11 01, 2017

Members-Only Webinars & Workshops


Click below to select from our catalog of training and informational webinars. Access to each training will vary on your membership type, so please read the training description or contact with any questions before registering! Members-Only Webinars & Workshops Catalog

Members-Only Webinars & Workshops2017-04-20T16:36:15+00:00
11 01, 2017

Dr. Mizani’s Office Hour


Pre-requisite: An Active AmeriClerkships Certified Membership (confirmed upon joining each session) Your email must match the email record on file for identification It is best that you register at least 24 hours in advance; You will receive an email confirmation after you [...]

Dr. Mizani’s Office Hour2017-01-20T21:25:36+00:00
11 01, 2017

The Pros and Cons of Waiving Your Right to See and Retain Your Letters of Recommendation


According to the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), residency program directors consistently cited Letter of Recommendation (LOR) as one of the top factors in selecting applicants to interviews. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 (Buckley [...]

The Pros and Cons of Waiving Your Right to See and Retain Your Letters of Recommendation2017-12-21T09:55:21+00:00
11 01, 2017

Asking for Letters of Recommendation


Most-all AMS members participate in clerkships in order to experience how care is provided to patients in the United States, and to hopefully secure a letter of recommendation that documents their overall performance on the above mentioned competencies. In order [...]

Asking for Letters of Recommendation2017-12-21T09:53:26+00:00