How the Extreme Referral Program keeps giving:

1.  Get $100 CASH: $25 per qualified referral*

Details: Would you rather have cash? Keep referring your friends to your Residency Enrollment Strategist and we’ll see if they qualify for AmeriClerkships Medical Society. Once your Residency Enrollment Strategist drafts a customized clinical schedule for them, you’ll get a $25 check mailed out to you for each (If you are a current member, you may also apply the amount to your balance with AmeriClerkships).

2. Get $100 CASH + $300 AmeriClerkships CREDIT: Cash for the first 4 referrals, Credit for the 5th!

Details: For every 5th friend you refer, we’ll add $300 in credit to your account, once they have all received their schedules.

3. Get  $100 CASH + $1,500 AmeriClerkships CREDIT: For every 5 friends who enroll!

Details: For every 5 friends who become Fully Enrolled Certified (please see our Steps to Clinicals for details), you will receive a $1,500 credit towards your balance with AmeriClerkships, as well as $100 cash.

4. Get $100 CASH + $2,000 AmeriClerkships CREDIT: For every 6 friends who enroll!

Details: That sixth friend is going to make your bank account very happy!  Your 6th referral who enrolls will earn you an additional $500 off your balance with AmeriClerkships.

Have more than 6 friends? Don’t worry – we don’t want you to stop at six. Keep referring your qualified friends, and we’ll keep giving you cash and credit – up to a total amount of $1,000 in cash, and up to $20,000 in credit.**

No matter what, you’re a winner – and so are your friends! Each friend or family member who joins AmeriClerkships Medical Society because of your referral will receive $50 off each week of their enrolled clinicals.*** And they too can receive FREE clinical credit or cash for every referral they make in turn.

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Extreme Referral Program

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*Qualified referrals must be either medical students or medical graduates, and must not be a current or former member of AmeriClerkships. Other restrictions may apply.

**Maximum number of referrals is 60.

***This cannot be combined with any other promotion, discount or special; it is not redeemable for cash, and it is non-transferable.