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|Additional Required Documents for Postgraduate Subinternship (PGSI) Processing

Additional Required Documents for Postgraduate Subinternship (PGSI) Processing


In addition to the 4 phases in Steps to Clinicals, the following are additional requirements for Larkin processing and approval prior to the start of your Postgraduate Subinternships. Your timely cooperation in fulfilling the additional requirements for document processing at GMEs is not only appreciated, but also required at least 30 days prior to your established Postgraduate Subinternship (PGSI) Start Date(s). PGSI Clinical Blocks may not be changed, delayed or cancelled.

  1. All requirements in Steps to Clinicals page.
  2. Proof of Good Health: A general health check-up by a licensed physician done within the last 12 months. Template provided upon enrollment through email titled “Annual Physical Template for Your Upcoming Clinicals”.
  3. Above “Immunizations” may not be waived. However please note that you will not have to submit any proof of immunizations for Larkin if your Proof of Good Health from your licensed physician completely follows Template A.
  4. Influenza (Flu Shot): Seasonal immunization requirement during the months of September to March, must document vaccination for the appropriate flu season
  5. Attendance to the U.S. Clinical Experience Orientation (*Part 4 of 5, below): Required ONLY if you are a non-U.S. citizen or permanent resident traveling into the United States for your clinicals
  6. Attendance in Postgraduate Subinternship Orientation (*Part 5 of 5, below)

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