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The $299 Match Mentor Membership2017-11-30T07:02:19+00:00

Introducing the most affordable way to prepare for the 2019 or 2020 Match.

Residency preparation starts with creating a roadmap to success, one that should extend from your medical school clinical rotations to USMLE preparation, and all the way to your first day of residency. At each point on that road, from your USMLE exams to your ERAS supporting documents, you’ll be facing each challenge for the first time. Instead of struggling alone, guessing at the solution, or taking a potentially irreversible path, enlist the professional support of AmeriClerkship’s team of Career Development specialists and professional U.S. licensed physician mentors with our Match Mentor Membership.

This membership is ideal for any U.S. medical or fellowship residency candidate who:

  • Is on a budget

  • Is in his/her early years of medical school, needing to learn how to competitively apply

  • Needs help strategizing how to prepare his/her residency application package, but can implement the rest on their own

  • Writes and communicates effectively in English, but needs to be guided through the entire Match cycle

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses, in an effort to accelerate your medical residency entry;
  • Improve your Residency Interview Competitiveness Score (RICScore);
  • Help you to systematically strengthen and build a complete residency application;
  • Learn about, realize the reasons for, and beat deadlines;
  • Learn from other AmeriClerkships members;
  • Help you secure residency interviews, and ultimately Match.
  • Dr. Mizani’s Office Hour: Fast paced & strategy packed. Up to 5 members asking 1-3 questions each, or simply there to listen and digest. Scheduled for 3o minutes, but often finishes in 60 minutes so members do not feel rushed.
  • Residency Workshops: Typically 1 hour each, 2-3x/week. Semi-structured, Match preparation driven topics: week’s to-do list, personal statement brainstorming and writing, residency or fellowship application strategies, letter of recommendation challenges, and much more.

Meetings are held online,2-3x/week at pre-scheduled dates and times. The format is casual in small-groups, with only 3-4 other AmeriClerkships members present (so semi-private). You may attend by calling in, but you will gain the most benefit from each meeting if you use a computer with a working microphone. Video camera usage is optional.

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  • Pedram Mizani, MD as your Medical Residency Mentor
  • Tim Zellinger as your Medical Residency Application & Career Coach
  • Live-online access to Dr. Mizani through weekly office hours
  • Live-online access to Mr. Zellinger through weekly residency workshops
  • Mentorship by email: response to your questions within 24 hours
  • Priority public webinar registration approvals
  • Professional liability insurance for US clinical experience
  • Any writing or editing service (Personal Statement, residency application, CV)
  • Letter of Recommendation Analysis
  • Medical Student Performance Evaluation Analysis

How to Enroll

You can enroll year-round by clicking the “BUY” button.


Meet Your Residency Mentors & Coaches

Pedram Mizani, MD, MHSA

Former Chief of Morehouse Family Medicine Residency. Sat on 2 residency admission committees. Current Chief Clinical Officer of AmeriClerkships, who celebrated helping its 1000th successful medical residency Match.

Tim Zellinger

Senior AmeriClerkships Healthcare Writer & Editor. Interview Coach. Trained by Dr. Mizani for nearly 3 years. Played various critical roles in the successful Match of over 100 AmeriClerkships members.