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Every week, AmeriClerkships team of experts host regularly scheduled meetings using video conferencing in small-group format.

Letters of Recommendation (LOR)

LORs from specialty (and preferably from the U.S.) are the 2nd most important factor when being considered for residency interviews. Learn how to ask for one, to waive or not to waive, and how to deal with dilemmas.

LOR Writing Service: Introducing the ‘Clinical Experience Assessment Draft’ writing service

Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) Resources

MSPE is the 3rd most important factor when residency programs consider inviting a candidate for an interviews, yet it is commonly ignored by most.

MSPE Writing Service: Introducing the ‘Medical School Performance Summary Draft’ writing service

Match Week & Supplemental Offer & Acceptance Program (SOAP)

ACGME Core Competencies & Examples of Resident Difficulties

ALL MEMBERS: According to the ACGME Data Source Book (page 65), 246 residents were dismissed […]

Pre-ERAS Application Certification Checklist

ALL MEMBERS: We have compiled a 59-item Medical Residency Pre-Application Submission Checklist to help you gauge the quality of your residency application before you […]

Residency Interview Competitiveness Score (RICScore) Calculator

ALL MEMBERS: Click the link to calculate your Residency Interview Competitiveness Score and track your progress through the Match cycle.

Residency Interview Best Practices, Assistance & Sample Videos

“I think your Mock Match Interview is really important, and I think I might have matched last year if I did this!” (Dipak V. MD, 2016 Match)

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