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Our Full Service Mock Match Interviews Will Improve Your Interview Performance. Guaranteed*.

Say goodbye to memorizing potential interview questions & answers! Whether applying to a U.S. medical school (AMCAS or AOA), medical residency or fellowship (MD or DO), dental school (ADEA), or any residency that participates in the National Matching Service (Dental, Pharmacy, Optometry, Psychology, Neuropsychology, Osteopathic or Medical Physics), the AmeriClerkships team of interview coaches will help you present your best self and your personal medical brand, through your very own relevant experiences – which we will help you shape into your ‘brand’. We are so confident you will be satisfied with your performance during your upcoming interview that we back this service with our ‘Interview Performance Guarantee’*!

We offer three types of Mock Interview Services:

  1. 10 or 20 Question Full Service Mock Match Interviews (MMI; 5 phases w recordings of sessions)
  2. 30 or 75 Minute Express Interview Boot Camps with Dr. Mizani (single event with recording of session)
  3. Combination of the above, with expedited services as early as 1 business day

Full Service Mock Match Interviews

We conduct our Mock Match Interview (MMI) sessions via video conferencing or by phone (your choice), and the benefits are incalculable.  The MMI is customized based on your experience, needs, and residency interview requirements, allowing you to select 10, or 20 questions for us to focus on. And now with our Interview Performance Guarantee*, you can rest assured that you’ll be ready for this most important job interview of your life.

Our MMI program is full service, meaning it will be conducted in five phases to help you improve in all aspects of the interview process; here is what happens after you enroll:

You provide us your entire residency application and answer 7 questions after enrollment. We will give you a list of the 250+ most commonly asked residency interview questions, across 19 categories; you select 10, or 20, or 30 questions that you would like your MMI to be focused on. Sample categories include questions:

  • To see if you can perform under pressure;
  • To determine your familiarity with technology, the Internet and ability to adapt to a fast-paced work environment;
  • To gauge if you will fit in.

View a video orientation for your upcoming mock-interviews.

An engaging session with a seasoned AmeriClerkships Interview Coach, who will help you find your interview rhythm, and how not to memorize answers to questions, all recorded via Google Hangouts. Duration ranges from ~60 minutes (30 question MMI) to ~30 minutes (10 question MMI). Watch a 6-minute sample video below:

(Published with permission)

This is where you put your new interview skills to the test with the former residency admission committee member and Chief of Morehouse Family Medicine Residency Program, Dr. Pedram Mizani, until you are both satisfied with your performance. You select the level of difficulty on a scale of 1-10 (10 = A cunning interviewer on a mission to prove you will not fit in; 5 = A nice person who gets along with everyone). Duration ranges from ~90 minutes (30 question MMI) to ~60 minutes (10 question MMI). Watch a 9-minute “Individual” Mock Match Interview trailer below at difficulty 6:

(Published with permission)

Residency programs can interview candidates as a panel or group, so a “Group” MMI will couple you with multiple interviewers with different personalities to simulate this highly stressful setting. With practice in this difficult setting, the results are immensely beneficial. Watch a 15-minute sample video below at difficulty 9:

(Published with permission)

Private future access to your mock interview video-conference sessions for FREE!

Express Interview Boot Camps

Designed for residency candidates who speak English comfortably and have been through a few job interviews in the United States, AmeriClerkships Interview Boot Camp is an intensive tuning session with Dr. Mizani to improve your confidence and performance right before a residency interview! The quality and style of your responses will determine what the next interview question will be – one after another, Dr. Mizani will provide constructive feedback and encourage you to improve your responses on-demand, and provide you the tools you’ll need to tackle any possible interview scenario! The typical number of interview questions and feedback provided by Dr. Mizani depends on your baseline skills as an interviewee, and the package you sign up for:

  • 30 Minute Boot Camp: 4 to 8 interview questions
  • 75 Minute Boot Camp: 15 to 20 interview questions

*Our Interview Performance Guarantee

We are so confident that you will ace your upcoming residency interview, we guarantee it! Here is how:

  1. Enroll in our 20 Question Mock Match Interview (20Q MMI) package;
  2. Complete all 5 phases within 5 days of your actual residency interview;
  3. Provide proof of attending your actual residency interview (a business card from one of your interviewers, or the program coordinator);
  4. File a support case online within 24 hours of this interview if you did not feel great about your interview performance;
  5. Receive a complimentary ’30 Minute Interview Boot Camp’ to make things right with Dr. Mizani.

In a rush?

MMI and Boot Camp are typically conducted on Tuesdays to Thursdays, from 1pm to 5pm PST (we have some flexibility, so please ask), and completed between 7 and 14 days after your enrollment. You may also select EXPEDITED from the buy buttons on this page, and we will complete your mock interview in 1 to 7 days (even on a weekend, pending availability).

Recent Reviews

“Oh my God! Your mock interview was incredible! I want more!”

“I think your Mock Match Interview is really important, and I think I might have matched last year if I did this!”

“Worth every penny! I’m going to tell all of my friends to prepare for their interviews at AmeriClerkships. Why spend thousands to get to an interview, then stumble?”

“I completed two cheaper mock interviews with a former program director at another company; I could just tell that he was new to interview preparation. AmeriClerkships was experienced, the mock interviews were more formal and more professional. AmeriClerkships personalized my mock interview, paid attention to my details and focused on my entire residency application.What was funny is the other company’s interview coach liked my answers, and I didn’t want to tell him that I learned from AmeriClerkships, and not him!”

I appreciate all of your honesty and I think the practice I did with you during the Mock Match Interviews was very useful.”

“The whole process of the interview preparation is very helpful; your webinars, the interview questions, your feedback about our answers, the actual interview with you and with Dr. Mizani. It felt like we were interviewing at a residency program. I would like to thank you, Dr. Mizani and the team for all your help and support throughout the process.”

“My team and I have conducted over 900 Mock Medical Interviews over the past 17 years, so our experience enables us to identify your relevant strengths and [especially your] weaknesses rapidly, without intimidation. When you and I meet, I will adjust my interview preparation techniques to your comfort level and communication style, without forcing you to be someone you’re not. I will not ask you to memorize answers… you answers will feel natural, you will be proud of your accomplishments and ready for your interview.”


Space is limited, so please select from the available mock interview service packages by clicking on any of the ‘BUY’ buttons on this page. Have questions? Call +1(949) 417-8980, or click  to chat with us.

Select a Mock Interview Package

The entire service can normally take up to 2 weeks to complete, but as little as 3 to 5 days if you select an ‘Expedited’ option from the options below

Buy 30min Interview Boot Camp ($200)
Buy 30min EXPEDITED 3 Interview Boot Camp ($299)
Buy 75min Interview Boot Camp ($400)
Buy 75min EXPEDITED 3 Interview Boot Camp ($499)
Buy 10 QUESTION MMI ($699)
Buy 10Q MMI + 30 MIN BOOT CAMP ($879)
Buy 20 QUESTION MMI ($799)
Buy 20Q MMI + 30 MIN BOOT CAMP ($979)

Have questions? Call +1(949) 417-8980, or click  to chat with us.