Introducing MSPSD Writing Service

Introducing MSPSD Writing Service 2018-01-09T19:06:59+00:00

Medical School Performance Summary Draft (MSPSD) writing service by AmeriClerkships

Entrusting your residency application future to a medical school that may or may not be familiar with AAMC’s guidelines for drafting an MSPE is a risky proposition. If your medical school is unsure or inexperienced with the 2017 guidelines for writing an MSPE, or if you want an original MSPE and wish to accelerate the signing process of an MSPE by your school (click here for common MSPE questions and red-flags), then MSPSD is the service designed for individuals in your situation.

Whether you are a current medical student, or graduated over 2o years ago, the Medical School Performance Summary Draft (MSPSD) writing service will drastically improve a residency program’s ability to understand your performance during medical school, even if the school was international!  This service requires that you spend 3 to 5 private consultation hours with Dr. Pedram Mizani (1 or 2 videoconference sessions), who will review and discuss every year of your medical education (and after, if you are a medical graduate), any challenges, leaves of absence, away rotations, school transfers, and possible inconsistencies that may raise red-flags. After several more hours of time spent by Dr. Mizani on fine-tuning your MSPSD, the end result will be an easy to read 4 to 7 page document which is as closely aligned with the 2017 AAMC MSPE recommendations as possible.

MSPSD is designed to be MSPE ready, and will:

  1. Be a summary letter of evaluation, and not sound like a letter of recommendation or advocate the student; AND
  2. Highlight the six ACGME core competencies, with specific examples of each (when possible); AND
  3. Be objective, honest, easy to read, and present verifiable information; AND
  4. Present facts which are consistent throughout your ERAS application; AND
  5. Contain a Medical School Information page with pertinent information.

Your can then present the MSPSD to your medical school Dean for his/her changes and input, and ask them to place it on their letterhead and either submit it to you to upload to ECFMG/ERAS, or for them to directly upload if they participate in Electronic Credentials Verification by ECFMG.

Cost: $1,500, and the typical turn-around is ~30 days (expedited editing service may be available)


MSPSD involves the expert directly working with our residency guru and former selection committee member, Dr. Mizani. Please allow up to 4 weeks for completion (expedited service available, which cuts the time down to 7 days). Have questions? Call +1(949) 417-8980, or click  to chat with us.

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The entire service can normally take up to 30 days to complete, but as little as 7 business day if you select an expedited delivery:

BUY MSPSD Standard Delivery ($1500)
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