A Community Healthcare (Outpatient) Clinical Experience

On 4/7/2015, Nadia A. Inspired Us with the Following:

“It was an excellent experience for me. My attending is an excellent teacher academically and clinically. He would call me in for interesting cases, even if I was busy taking a histories from other patients. He always made sure that I didn’t miss the opportunity to observe (and sometimes assist with) procedures like EKGs, wound cleaning and interarticular shot. He always gave feedbacks on my H&P skills. He is very flexible, respectful and generous doctor. Treating everyone with respect. His staff was also as nice as he was. I am very satisfied with this rotation.”

Nadia A.
Clinical Site 224: Internal Medicine Community Healthcare Experience, Dallas area, Texas
2006 Medical Graduate; ECFMG Certified
Enrolled in 12 Weeks of 
Internal Medicine (3 separate Dallas area clinical sites)


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