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|5 Interviews & Matches at Interfaith Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY
5 Interviews & Matches at Interfaith Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY2017-03-06T18:54:44+00:00

Project Description

The PGY1CONNECT™ Project features a number of clinical sites across New York City, and Interfaith Medical Center is one of the many affiliated hospitals that has a strong history of offering interviews and Matching residents with past rotating members. With seven different specialty options, Interfaith has one of the most diverse selections of clinical sites in the city in addition to highly rated attendings. Past members have stated one psychiatry attending “provides good feedback on history taking and tests member knowledge on a constant basis. The attending is always teaching, explaining procedures, medications and how to interview and connect with patients. His colleagues are also known to chime in with advice and guidance when applicable.” Located in Brooklyn, members will have access to numerous MTA transportation options, but private transportation such as Uber or Lyft is highly recommended to take advantage of every clinical or networking opportunity.

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