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/6 Interviews & Matches at Mercy Hospital & Medical Center, Chicago, IL
6 Interviews & Matches at Mercy Hospital & Medical Center, Chicago, IL2017-03-06T19:37:46+00:00

Project Description

The PGY1CONNECT™ Project includes clinical sites and attendings affiliated with Mercy Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago. Featuring a wide variety of primary care specialties, these clinical sites come highly recommended by past members, citing attending physicians who are “A truly excellent attending physician…” that “…shows enthusiasm for her work and compassion for patients. She is always willing to answer questions and explains the reasoning for choosing diagnoses and prescribing medications.” Outside of primary care, sites like our Neurology clinical site feature a world-renowned neuropsychiatrist (double-boarded in psychiatry and neurology). His 40 page resume is filled with ground-breaking research publications on various subjects in neurology and psychiatry focusing on Addisons disease, ageusia, anosmia, hypergeusia and many more. Unique subspecialty experiences are also present, such as a Geriatric Medicine clinical site that includes follow-ups at a long-term acute care facility. Private vehicles or ride-sharing apps like Uber or Lyft are a must for members to take advantage of the numerous advantages offered by this clinical site.

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