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/2 Interviews & Matches at MountainView Medical Center, Las Vegas, NV
2 Interviews & Matches at MountainView Medical Center, Las Vegas, NV2017-03-04T00:52:51+00:00

Project Description

The PGY1CONNECT™ Project at clinical sites and attending physicians affiliated with MountainView Medical Center present the opportunity to network with residency influencers and healthcare leaders in a variety of specialties and subspecialties, such as surgery and cardiology. Theses sites are highly recommended, with members saying one of the attending physicians is a “great teacher” who “asks a lot of questions” of members, to make sure they are engaged and learning from the experience. There is a heavy emphasis on residency preparation at these sites, so members must be highly motivated, eager to work hard and keen to learn. For example,  members who rotated in anesthesiology said of the attending”What a wonderful physician and mentor! Always eager to teach me about the fundamentals of anesthesia, this attending would assign me topics so I could gain a better perspective on the ins and outs of anesthesia and was always very happy to answer any questions.” These sites are true learning experiences, as well as a way to connect with programs historically interested in hiring AmeriClerkships members. Strong English fluency is required at this site, as is a reliable method of transportation such as a private care or rideshare (Uber or Lyft).

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