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This program is one of a kind! It offers both the support and resources one requires on the road to residency.
S. Nicholis, MD (15 PGY1 Residency Interviews in 2019 Match), Google

4 thumbs up! I feel more confident knowing this group of professionals got my back in such a vigorous journey to become a doctor in the United States.

Y. H. Wang, MD (General Surgery PGY1 in 2018 Match) , Facebook
Dr. Mizani rocks! He spent a lot of time with me and we were able to come up with a game plan for next years match. I feel a lot better after talking with him and the whole team is super responsive and very helpful. I have only begun my journey with AmeriClerkships but I just signed up for a few months of rotations. I will update as I go through this process but so far I am impressed. All this happened before I even paid for anything too, so at least give it a chance to hear Dr. Mizani, you have nothing to lose.
E. Shaffer, MD (14 PGY1 Residency Interviews in 2019 Match), Google

Early match contract 5 Dec – pretty happy about that! several Interviews, went to 9 before I was offered a contract and I fell in love with them so I accepted. I have been at peace since then. Thank you AmeriClerkships for doing what you do.

M Vasquez, MD (Family Medicine PGY1 in 2016 Match), Facebook

AmeriClerkships try their best to accommodate the students and if things fall through, they try their best to get it back on track. The staff are genuine and easy to work with. I am glad that they are helping me on this journey.

J. Chiu, MD, Facebook
As IMG I did not receive any tips for residency application from my medical school so I felt the need to receive guidance, tips and practice for the real deal. They help me a lot to find my own best way to answer common interview questions, It helps so much to practice interview skills and then watch your body language. It really boosted my confidence!
L. Monroy, MD, Google

As an IMG, I was thankful enough to have the support of AmeriClerkships. I am the strong, empathetic, and knowledgable physician today because of my past clinical experiences, and I really can’t be more thankful.

N. Chandrasekaran, MBBS, Facebook

I matched! Thank you to the professional team of AmeriClerkships Medical Society. They were helpful, honest and very professional. My relation with this organizations was a life changing experience.

M Ramirez, MD (Match Success, Family Medicine), Facebook

I matched at University of New Mexico. There are no words to describe how thankful I am to everyone at AmeriClerkships. God bless you all and keep doing what you are doing helping candidates to follow their dreams.

A. J. Alvarado, MD (Match Success, Neurology), Facebook
They were very helpful in helping me find a last minute elective. Always available by email and phone and always so friendly and helpful. Very professional staff and quality services in terms of expediting the search for electives (helpful for foreign medical grads). Very good advice from Dr. Mizani and I would definitely recommend this company for IMGs/FMGs.
E. Wong, MS IV, Google
Highly competent staff. Great team to work with to prepare for residency.
D. Ellis, MD, Google
After lacking direction to apply for a residency, I feel more confident after speaking with Dr. Mizani. He helped me establish a plan of action, and also with the help of Nerissa I will implement it. Thank You!
J. Scher, MD, Google

I’m so happy that I’m preparing for the match with AmeriClerkships, they are helping me and teaching me a lot of things that I was never aware of. Thank you!

T. Mansy, MD, Facebook
Excellent coaching.. the support and advice given by Americlerckship team has really helped me in my journey for residency. Highly recommend!!
T. Hota, MD, Google
I highly recommitted Americlerkship. I was facing a very difficult situation and I was unsure if I would be able to do rotations in the US. Dr. Mizani and Kim really stepped up and helped me throughout the process. They provided valuable guidance and advice. Thanks to their help, I was able to do my rotations in the US. I want to thank everyone at Americlerkship for all the assistance they provided for me.
C. Galang, MS IV, Google

They made it so easy. This summer I will also be doing a rotation through them and can’t wait for it. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to be placed with a great doctor with no hassle at all.

A. Gondal, MD, Facebook
I love my elective experience. Americlerkships helped me during my application process for residency. Special thanks to Omer Malik, Tim Zellinger and Michelle Landry for helping me throughout. They used to reply me very quickly whenever I needed something.
S. Madala, MS IV (US Medical Student), Google
AmeriClerkships has provided the support and resources necessary to make my application perfect for the Match. They really care about their members and will make any applicant confident going through the Match process. I would recommend this service to any future residency applicant!
C. Cox, MD (US Medical Graduate), Google
Very honest and objective evaluation. 15 min free interview was flexibly extended.
R. Ramaswamy, MD, Google

Very cooperative staff speciall mr carlos dr mizani

S. Punia, MD, Google

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AmeriClerkships is the shortest distance between you and medical residency. We offer:

1. Free consult to establish your current competitiveness
2. Personalized U.S. residency entry strategies
3. Live access to in-house U.S. physician mentors with residency admission experience
4. Strategies to strengthen U.S. letters of recommendation
5. Reliable placement and management of U.S. clinical rotations
6. Professional optimization of every aspect of your medical residency application
7. Residency interview preparation
8. Guaranteed outcomes

* New clinical enrollments only; may not apply to an already paid for clinical block. Existing Express or Certified Members are exempt from the new enrollment requirement from July 31st to August 16th. Cannot be combined with AmeriClerkships Credit on File. Minimum 12 week requirement for obtaining the lowest displayed weekly price has been dropped to 4 weeks till the end of this promotion. Some clinical sites are excluded, and some participating clinical sites may have additional credentialing and processing fees that may be billed separately, so please inquire prior to enrollment. Professional Liability Insurance by way of AmeriClerkships Membership is required (~$299-$599/year, depending on your desired benefits level). Minimum purchase of 4 weeks required to qualify for promotional pricing on weekly clinical deals. Guaranteed ERAS Readiness means that AmeriClerkships will review and revise personal statement, ERAS application and analyze your uploaded letters of recommendation and MSPE (in Dr. Mizani’s office hours) before 9/14/19, so long as you adhere to AmeriClerkships established document submission deadlines. It is also worth reiterating that securing letters of recommendation and a residency position are performance-based, so although taking advantage of AmeriClerkships’ products and services will increase your chances, securing residency or fellowship interviews or a match can not be guaranteed. AmeriClerkships Credit on File may not be exchanged for cash, and can be used towards most AmeriClerkships products and services for up to 12 months from the date of issuance. Please contact us for more details.