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One of the most difficult and important tasks in applying for residency is the crafting of a personal statement. It is difficult, because it must contain a lot of information in a single page. It is important because it is the only place in your entire application where you have an unfiltered communication channel to program directors. It should be taken very seriously. That said, many applicants procrastinate until the very last minute and produce a personal statement that has been given little thought, has never been read by anyone else, and is often too long. The fact that you’re here means you already have an advantage over those other applicants. Your AmeriClerkships Medical Society (AMS) career advisor will work with you to make sure your personal statement is the best it can be. Filling out this worksheet is your first step. Although you are welcome to complete this document at any time during your membership period, we strongly recommend that you complete and submit this worksheet after you have completed at least two weeks of your U.S. clinical experience with AMS. The reason for this is that U.S. residency programs like to see the kind of experience that you will gain in your AMS clinical rotations.

Completing this Personal Statement Worksheet will take some time. Be prepared to devote at least an hour and possibly several hours to the process. Your editor will share a Google Document containing a draft personal statement with you, or if necessary will contact you for more information.

We look forward to working with you!

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Personal Statement Worksheet

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    Please complete this worksheet by typing your answers immediately below each question, using complete sentences. Please do not use abbreviations. Please do include as much detail as you think you need to get your point across. We will edit as necessary.

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