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One of the most difficult and important tasks in applying for residency is the crafting of a personal statement. How do you distill an entire life spent building towards a career in medicine down to a single page (a page that must grab and retain the attention of a program director) in your own words? It isn’t easy!

But the fact that you’re here means you already have an advantage over other applicants. Your AmeriClerkships Career Advisor will work with you to create a compelling, compact, and professional statement that will give you all of the advantages of professional writing advice during the drafting process.

Completing this Personal Statement Worksheet will take some time. Be prepared to devote at least an hour to the process. The more honest and thoughtful you are in your answers, the more your adviser can draw from.

Let’s Create Your Personal Statement!

Personal Statement Drafting Service

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    Please complete this worksheet by typing your answers immediately below each question, using complete sentences. Please do not use abbreviations. Please do include as much detail as you think you need to get your point across. We will edit as necessary.

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