“Take a deep breath and relax, knowing that our behind the scenes expertise, and residency challenges that we personally and successfully overcame makes us uniquely qualified to help you re-enter U.S. medical residency.”

Dr. Pedram Mizani, MD, MHSA
Successfully Avoided Residency Re-entry by Transitioning from PGY1 at Floyd to PGY2 & PGY3 at Morehouse
2001 Chief Resident – Morehouse School of Medicine
Former Medical Residency Admission Committee Member
Founder & President

AmeriClerkships Medical Society

Doctors who plan to re-enter U.S. clinical practice after probation or termination from U.S. residency, or after a period of clinical inactivity, often face unforeseen social, familial, personal, professional, and institutional obstacles. Almost no U.S. medical residency, hospital or healthcare facility will assume the risk of employing a physician without a structured rehabilitation, and peer-written letters of recommendation that clearly document the resolution of all obstacles at hand. Here at AmeriClerkships, we recognize that such idle healthcare professionals can and must be given the opportunity to redeem themselves and return to a successful healthcare career. As such, we provide 3 levels of structured approach to reviewing factors that may contribute to their clinical inactivity, discuss challenges associated with the re-entry process, describe current re-entry efforts, propose recommendations for future directions and place in high-level physician supervised clinical settings.

  • Level 1

    • Focus: General Assessment
  • Level 2

    • Focus:  Detailed Assessment & Explanation
  • Level 3

    • Focus: 4 weeks of Program Director Supervised Postgraduate Subinternship, In-depth Assessment, Explanation & Document Revision.

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