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Program Directors ranked ‘Letters of Recommendation from Specialty‘ only 2nd to USMLE Step 1 Scores, when offering residency interviews. (N=1,300)

NRMP Program Director Survey Results. (2016). NRMP, 3-3. Retrieve here.

Letters of Recommendation (LOR) in desired specialty is the #2 factor residency program directors consider when selecting who they should offer residency interviews (2016 NRMP PD Survey, pg 3), 2nd only to USMLE Step 1 scores! So it is no surprise that every year, nearly 500 candidates for U.S. medical residencies become members of AmeriClerkships to be mentored by experienced U.S. physicians, experience the U.S. healthcare system, become more confident, and improve their overall competitiveness by earning multiple U.S. letters of recommendation (LOR’s) for the annual Match.

Navigating the process of securing U.S. LOR’s can certainly be challenging, and new requirements are implemented each year, so we have compiled the following resources to make this process as pleasant and predictable as possible:

How many LORs will I need for the Match? I heard I can use the 2 I have from abroad, with 2 I hope to get from my AmeriClerkships clinical blocks.

You will need at least 4 strong U.S. letters of recommendation to be competitive for the Match. According to the 2016 NRMP Program Director Survey, ‘Letters of Recommendation from Specialty’ are the #2 most popular and important factor when Program Directors consider inviting candidates for interviews across all specialties. Your AmeriClerkships Membership provides you with 12 months of uninterrupted professional liability insurance coverage, and with clinicals as low as $270/week (Low Price Guarantee fee), there is no reason why you would have to use foreign LORs during the Match.

Should I use foreign LORs when applying to U.S. residencies?

Along with a few positives, foreign LORs send a negative messages to U.S. residencies that ‘you were unable to secure support from within the United States for your residency candidacy’ – so because of this, using foreign LORs is not a recommended path. Writers of foreign LORs typically have not completed a U.S. residency, and the experience portrayed in foreign LORs is not of U.S. healthcare system, so by nature, foreign LORs and their writers are typically a great mismatch when it comes to supporting your U.S. residency candidacy.  Your AmeriClerkships Membership provides you with 12 months of uninterrupted professional liability insurance coverage, and with clinicals as low as $270/week (Low Price Guarantee fee), there is no reason why you would have to use foreign LORs during the Match.

How long does it take to secure an LOR?

Each LOR is typically earned after a 4 week clinical block, however this doesn’t take into account the time it takes the writer to finalize that LOR. You also have to account for the time it takes to correct errors in or weak LORs, or those that lack objectivity and no relation to ACGME core competencies (read below). Also physicians are quite busy, so it is not unusual for it to take months before you receive your LOR (or never receive one if you ask for an LOR months or years after a rotation ended).

Requesting & Securing Letters of Recommendation (LOR)

A Guidelines & Checklist for writing effective Letters of Recommendation

Should I waive my right to see my LOR’s or not?

The new role of ACGME core competencies in LOR’s

I was told to write my own LOR! What should I do?

My LOR writer does not want to use the ERAS’ LOR Portal; what should I do?

Can you help me assess if my LOR is strong or not?

My attending physician will only write me an LOR if I waive my right to see it; what do I do?

I haven’t received my LOR. I’m getting worried. What should I do?

Should I sign up for two simultaneous rotations to increase my chances of securing two letters of recommendation?

I have submitted my LORs to ERAS/ECFMG. How will I know they’re ready to be submitted to programs?

LORs that are submitted to ERAS will be marked as “being processed”, then converted to “uploaded”. You will receive a message that indicates that your LOR has been uploaded, meaning it is ready for use. You will not get a “being processed” message if submitted to ERAS @ ECFMG;  you will just receive a message in MyERAS message center that indicates it has been “uploaded”.  You will see the same “uploaded” indicator next to each LOR, under Documents > Letters of Recommendation when logged into MyERAS.

Can AmeriClerkships help me draft a personalized LOR?
Introducing the ‘Clinical Experience Assessment Draft’ writing service

Can AmeriClerkships help my Dean draft a strong Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)?
Introducing the ‘Medical School Performance Summary Draft’ writing service

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