Introducing Clinical Experience Assessment Draft (CEAD): The Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Drafting Service for U.S. Clinical Preceptors, by AmeriClerkships

Describing your clinical experience professionally, in accordance with generally accepted US medical residency standards and ACGME core competencies, to aid your letter writer

72% of U.S. residency program directors cited letters of recommendation in the specialty as a top 10 post-interview factor (#6/10) for ranking an applicant, with an importance rating that was equivalent to USMLE or COMLEX scores (4.1/5).

2018 NRMP Program Director Survey Results. (2018). NRMP, 4-4. Retrieve here

As United States struggles to implement a truly workable and ‘affordable healthcare’ for its people, attending physicians are being demanded to do far more, for less. How does a residency candidate mitigate the risks of a physician not having the time to write an LOR? Most will make the mistake of drafting their own LORs, and presenting it to the clinical preceptors who may make minimal changes (if any, regardless of errors) prior to sending it to all potential medical schools, medical residencies and fellowships.

Going at writing an LOR alone can be risky; LOR’s from specialty are one of the leading ways a program will evaluate your candidacy, and any mistakes will be highly scrutinized. Yet there is a silver lining! By controlling the first draft of the LOR before it reaches the recommender, you can maximize the strength of your LOR by highlighting valuable experiences from your clinical rotations and emphasizing your understanding of the ACGME Core Competencies.

CEAD is designed to be LOR ready, by helping residency candidates:

  • Compile their actual clinical experiences into a familiar, ACGME-formatted LOR, maximizing the quality of this extremely important “Program Director Interview Factor”; AND
  • Effectively and professionally deal with the uncomfortable scenario of being asked to write their own LOR.

Our professional writing and editing team (which includes former residency admission committee members) will give you the tools you’ll need to draft a strong LOR by asking a series of questions about the experience in question. After that, our team will draft a LOR that maximizes its effectiveness and ask for your input through a series of editing sessions. Once finalized, the new LOR can be taken to the recommender with full confidence in it’s strength.

Delivery: CEAD involves the expert help of AmeriClerkships Healthcare Writers & Editors, as well as Dr. Mizani’s final review and revision of all CEAD prior to your review, so please allow up to 4 weeks for completion (expedited service available, which can cut the time down to 1 business day after your submission of a complete online CEAD Questionnaire (taken to that page after payment).


It takes time to create a CEAD, so please select from the available CEAD packages by clicking on any of the ‘BUY’ buttons on this page at your earliest. Have questions? Call +1(949) 417-8980, or click  to chat with us.

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