Does being a great physician mean they can be great LOR writers?

Unfortunately not always, and most writers do not even realize the mistakes they have made while writing your letter of recommendation (LOR) until it’s too late – i.e. already been seen by residency admission committee members. Worst yet, many un-Matched residency candidates had waived their rights to see their LOR’s (which we never recommend for International Medical Graduates to do – read here), so we will never know if LOR red flags were a contributory factor or not.

A guideline for writing effective LORs

Below is a resourceful guideline written by Dr. Kent J. DeZee (and updated by Dr. Pedram Mizani). Dr. DeZee is the General Medicine Fellowship Director and Associate Professor at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS); Dr. Mizani is the Chief Clinical Officer of AmeriClerkships and the former Chief of Morehouse Family Medicine Residency Program. This concise document provides a quick set of guidelines for US licensed physicians interested in writing effective letters of recommendation, in support of candidates applying to US medical residency programs. Click the image below to view:

Instructions for Writing a Letter of Recommendation

What do ACGME core competencies have to do with LORs?

Click here to read the “ACGME Core Competencies & Examples of Resident Difficulties”, as it pertains to writing LORs.

Having a hard time drafting a unique LOR?

AmeriClerkships may be able to help with its Clinical Experience Assessment Draft service (fee based; click here for details).