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According to the NRMP®, the mean # of contiguous ranks (meaning # of programs interviewed at) needed for US-IMGs to Match was 7.3, vs 6.3 for Non-US-IMGs and 12.3 for USMGs. Those with less than the above # of interviews must be ready to deal with the possibility of being “Unmatched”. The great news is that 1,055 Unmatched applicants (213 IMGs) received offers and Matched during the 2018 Match Week’s SOAP.

2019 marks our 18th season helping ‘Unmatched’ residency candidates ‘Match’ during Match Week and SOAP/Scramble. To discuss your questions about Rank Order List and SOAP, please complete the form below to schedule a FREE private consultation with Dr. Mizani (who himself Matched during SOAP/Scramble).

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