Nowadays, blind guidance is only a few mouse clicks away. We acknowledge that accepting even a single half-baked advice can cost a highly educated future U.S. healthcare provider their chance at securing a medical career. This is why working with AmeriClerkships Experts is a transformational experience.

Expert guidance starts with a 30 or 60 minute private consultation with Dr. Mizani, who has personally handled every sample case mentioned below (toggle). In rare instances, Dr. Mizani may recommend other subject matter expert(s) in order to resolve your case. With immediate access to an exclusive pool of medical education, medical residency and legal experts, the AmeriClerkships Board of Directors can help put together the team of professionals you need to protect your residency and medical career interests. Our experts average 10+ years of experience within the medical residency industry, will listen to the challenges you’re faced with, and offer you viable strategies to address them on an hourly retainer.

  1. Explaining multiple USMLE attempts, while putting your best foot forward;
  2. Damage control (alleged HIPAA, hospital policy or residency rule violations), and understanding residency probation and remediation plans;
  3. Understanding ACGME core competencies as they relate to clinical rotation (medical school or residency) failures;
  4. Addressing prolonged (>30 days) gaps in medical education, lack of patient care activities since medical school graduation, leaves of absences both before and after graduating from medical school;
  5. Optimizing your U.S. medical residency or fellowship application packages in private and confidential settings;
  6. Privately-funded medical residencies and annual un-accredited PGY1 positions;
  7. Understanding medical board, NBME, NRMP or ECFMG investigations;
  8. Improving, or addressing negative Letters of Recommendation;
  9. Explaining medical school transfers in residency application, personal statement or in preparation for interviews;
  10. Addressing legal charges such as DUIs or felonies in residency application packages;
  11. Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) writing service, in accordance with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) 2017 MSPE Guidelines;
  12. Letter of Recommendation (LOR) writing service, in parallel with ACGME core competencies;
  13. Post-dismissal residency re-entry strategies, including speaking with former program directors;
  14. Program Director rebuttals to residency dismissal letters;
  15. (Re)applying to U.S. medical boards for licensure;
  16. Starting U.S. healthcare colleges, and chartering English medical doctorate programs outside of the United States;
  17. Residency dismissal due to experiencing sexual harassments by other residents;
  18. Strategic collaborations with attorneys specializing in working with residency programs, as well as resident unions;
  19. Successful transition of family/friends from foreign medical schools to U.S. medical residencies;
  20. Establishing evidence-based observership and subinternship programs at U.S. Graduate Medical Education departments, hospitals and clinics.

“I truly cannot thank you enough for what you [Dr. Mizani] did to help me. You not only helped me secure a letter [from former residency program director] that won’t destroy my future, but you taught me how to stand up for myself and get what I want and deserve. That is an invaluable lesson that I will take with me into every aspect of my life. I know that learning to balance my kindness with assertiveness will be critical to my continued success, so for that I am grateful.

2019 Match Residency Re-entry – Anonymity Protected

“I matched! Thank you to the professional team of AmeriClerkships Medical Society. They were helpful, honest and very professional. My relation with this organizations was a life-changing experience.”

Facebook Review – Dr. M. Ramirez

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