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|Steps to Clinicals: Required Documents & Becoming Fully Enrolled Certified (FEC)

Steps to Clinicals: Required Documents & Becoming Fully Enrolled Certified (FEC)


Becoming Fully Enrolled Certified (FEC) is a prerequisite for participation in AmeriClerkships clinicals. The time required to complete this process depends on minimum time required by hospitals for processing (varies from 1 to 90 days), and how rapidly you complete the FOUR phases to becoming FEC: Digitally Uploading Documents, Notarizing & Submitting Documents, Possible Additional Required Documents, and Orientations & Quizzes.

Don’t waste any time becoming FEC: complete the 4 phases below within 7 days of your initial payment for memberships and clinicals, and we will issue you a $100 AmeriClerkships credit which can be applied to your balance due, or any other AmeriClerkships products & services. May not be applied to expedited service fees. Ask your AmeriClerkships Member Enrollment & Hospital Liaison if you believe you qualify.

Digitally Uploaded Documents

The items below must be scanned and uploaded using your personal AmeriClerkships Document Upload Portal (which will be provided to you immediately after your enrollment).

Your Resume; this will also serve as your AmeriClerkships Application.

Click here for your nearest FedEx Office passport picture office.

Personal health insurance must be issued in the name of the individual enrolling with AmeriClerkships, meet our minimum health insurance requirements. You may either:

  1. Take a photo of the front and back of your valid U.S. health insurance card or policy, OR
  2. Get an instant quote and purchase travel insurance online:
    1. Non-US residence: Click here (for pre-approved, select the following: ‘Worldwide, including U.S.’, and at least a ‘$500,000 Maximum’)
    2. US residents: Click here
    3. Canadian Citizens: Prior to leaving Canada: Call (401) 773-9345; after leaving Canada: Call TIC (800) 465-4279

The following may be documented by your primary care physician, or on clinic or hospital letterhead:

1. Tetanus: single dose within last 10 years OR positive tetanus toxin antibody titers OR download a waiver formAND

2. Hepatitis B: triple dose OR positive HBsAB titers OR download a waiver formAND

3. Varicella: single/double dose OR positive varicella antibody titers OR immunity by history of disease OR download a waiver formAND

4. Mumps & Measles & Rubella (MMR): single/double dose OR positive triple antibody titers to Mumps & Measles & Rubella, AND

6. (Only Required by Some Sites & Seasonal) Influenza (flu shot): some clinical sites require a single dose of a flu shot (U.S. strands) within last 12 months; ask your Residency Enrollment Specialist if this applies to you.

*PLEASE NOTE: Clinical sites may not accept vaccine waiver forms or may require additional health-related documentation. Please inquire with your residency enrollment strategist if this applies to you. Results must be valid for full duration of all clinical rotations.

Updated on March 15, 2018, as directed by the CDC:

  • Negative PPD skin test:
    • < 12 months: Do nothing more at this stage.
    • > 12 months: Need a negative IGRA blood assay.
  • Negative IGRA blood assay:
    • < 12 months: Do nothing more at this stage;
    • > 12 months: Need negative symptom screen annually;
    • If traveling in and out of the U.S. and entering healthcare facilities abroad (regardless of time from last negative IGRA): Must repeat negative symptom screen annually.
  • Positive PPD skin test + history of BCG (which means most likely from a country with higher TB prevalence): Need IGRA blood assay. If:
    • IGRA is negative: Do nothing more at this stage.
    • IGRA is positive: then follow directions below.
  • Positive PPD skin test (and no history of BCG) OR positive IGRA:
    • < 12 months: Need chest x-ray done in the U.S. ruling out TB. IF:
      • Chest x-ray < 24 months and read by a U.S. radiologist: Need a negative symptom screen < 12 months (do not repeat chest x-ray at the moment);
      • Chest x-ray < 24 months and read by a non-U.S. radiologist OR chest x-ray > 24 months: Need a negative symptom screen + chest x-ray done in the U.S. ruling out TB.
    • > 12 months: Need negative symptom screen + chest x-ray done in the U.S. ruling out TB, every 24 months.
  • Please note:
    • Current CDC guidelines are recommending to stop using PPD and minimize radiation exposure, by shifting to IGRA and symptom screening;
    • IGRA only needs to be documented once in a lifetime if negative that first time;
    • PPD and IGRA do not need to be repeated for AmeriClerkships, but each US healthcare facility may require repeat of ANY of the above depending on their policies, or additional testing per clinical site processing requirements, including (but not limited to) two-step PPD (which can take 14 to 30 days to complete) and chest x-ray done in the U.S.

Download the Clinical Authorization Letter (Medical Students, Externs, and Residents doing clinicals for credit, or requiring a Clinical Evaluation at the end to show proof to their school that such clinicals were completed), then scan and send back.

Notarized Documents

The authenticity of the following documents must be confirmed by a court commissioned “notary public” personnel, in English. Seals/signatures from your medical school are not sufficient replacements for notary (except school sealed transcripts – read below).

Electronically notarize these documents online at must request for the digitally notarized documents to be sent directly from documents@acmedical.orgPLEASE NOTE: Electronically notarized documents sent by any sender other than will be rejected.

Please note the following:

  • We will accept an official school sealed transcript (original, not a copy) that is mailed directly from your medical school to AmeriClerkships, in lieu of a notarized copy of your transcript.
  • Notarycam charges $25 per document.
  • As for school seals on any other documents that need notary (i.e. copies of passports, visas, ECFMG Certificates, etc.) that will not be acceptable as notary.

Medical Students & Graduates (select any 1 of 3):

1. ECFMG Certificate, OR

2. Medical diploma from an IMED recognized school (and its official, notarized English translation, if the original is not in English), OR

3. Medical school transcript from an IMED recognized school (and its official, notarized English translation, if the original is not in English)

Pre-Health Students (select any 1 of 2):

1. Any undergraduate (or higher) degree with a minimum GPA of 2.6 from a college/university accredited by the US Department of EducationOR

2. Transcript from a college/university accredited by the US Department of Education indicating that you have successfully completed >100 units of didactic in preparation for an undergraduate (or higher) degree, with a minimum GPA of 2.6.

Select any 1 of 7; must not be expired, or expire during scheduled clinicals:

  1. U.S. or Canadian naturalization certificate with picture, OR
  2. U.S. or Canadian Passport picture and information page, OR
  3. U.S. Permanent Resident Card (Green Card; front and back), OR
  4. Non-U.S. Passport picture and information page from one of 36 Visa Waiver Program participating countries (max 12 week clinical enrollment per U.S. entry), OR
  5. U.S. Employment Authorization Card with picture, OR
  6. U.S. or Canadian government issued identification and birth certificate, OR
  7. Non-U.S. Passport, PLUS
    1. U.S. visa that is valid for the entire duration of clinicals, OR
    2. Expired F-1 visa with an I-20 extension that is valid for the entire duration of clinicals, OR
    3. Expired U.S. visa with Form I-94 or I-94A that is valid for the entire duration of clinicals.

Possible Additional Required Documents

The above documents will fulfill the processing requirements of the majority of our clinical sites. However, certain hospitals policies may require additional documents to process your approval, some of which may take up to 4 weeks to fulfill (i.e. 12 panel Urine Drug Screen, Two Step PPD, health clearance by a physician, international background checks, etc.). Your timely cooperation in fulfilling any additional requirements for document processing is not only appreciated, but also required prior to any established deadlines. Any delays may cause a delay in your start date, and in extreme cases, possible loss of opportunity to rotate at that particular healthcare facility.

  1. Proof of Good Health: A general health check-up by a licensed physician done within the last 12 months. Template provided upon enrollment through email titled “Annual Physical Template for Your Upcoming Clinicals”.
  2. Above “Immunizations” may not be waived. However please note that you will not have to submit any proof of immunizations if your Proof of Good Health from your licensed physician completely follows Template A.
  3. Influenza (Flu Shot): Seasonal immunization requirement during the months of September to March, must document vaccination for the appropriate flu season
  4. Attendance to the U.S. Clinical Experience Orientation (*Part 4 of 5, below): Required ONLY if you are a non-U.S. citizen or permanent resident traveling into the United States for your clinicals
  5. Attendance in Postgraduate Subinternship Orientation (*Part 5 of 5, below)

Orientations & Quizzes

Online orientations are an excellent and cost effective way for you to get to know and interact with AmeriClerkships staff, and get personal attention to your particular scenario. Attendance and active participation in the following are required for you to become Fully Enrolled Certified. Please note:

  • Webinars are hosted on GoToTraining software platforms. Please familiarize yourself with the software before the webinar begins, and contact at least 30 minutes prior to your session with any technical concerns.
  • Be prepared to “dial-in” to a webinar, in case your internet connection is not strong enough to provide you audio access to the webinar. The dial-in instructions will be included in your registration confirmation email.
  • Part 4 and 5 orientations below are specialty webinars/orientations (demarcated by a ‘*‘), and only required of certain AmeriClerkships members to register and attend. Please open each toggle to see if they apply to you. A working computer microphone or phone audio is required for both orientations. Please ensure your microphone is working with the ‘Test Connection’ functionality contained in your webinar confirmation email.
  • Members who fail to attend a required webinar on time for any reason can make up the webinar at the next available date for no additional charge. However, if there no available dates before a member’s crossing of the US border or PGSI start date, members must pay a $150 fee to set up a private orientation with Dr. Mizani to fulfill their enrollment requirements. Technical issues are NOT acceptable grounds for missing a webinar, or lack of participation.
  1. Watch a brief HIPAA video tutorial (Free account is required), THEN
  2. Click here to take a short quiz now (check your email for the password)

Attendance and active participation in this specialty webinar is required ONLY for non-US citizen or non-US permanent resident visitors who are in the process of entering the U.S. for AmeriClerkships clinical experience.

During a U.S. visa interview AND AGAIN when interviewed by the U.S. Border Patrol Officers upon entry into the United States, non-US citizen and non-US permanent resident visitors will be asked about their purpose of visit to the United States. In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn about what to expect during your upcoming U.S. clinical experience, in an effort to prevent any unintended misunderstanding or mischaracterization of your visit that could jeopardize your ability to attend the clinical experience.

To register for this specialty webinar please visit the US Clinical Experience Orientation registration page.

  • Enrolled in a Postgraduate Subinternship clinical block.
    • Affected members must register for the Postgraduate Subinternship Orientation.
    • This 30-minute session will prepare you for your Postgraduate Subinternship by providing you with the key factors of a successful Postgraduate Subinternship. We will be answering questions about what to expect, and what your supervisors will be expecting from you. This orientation session will help you to prepare you to have an excellent experience that will increase your chances of getting positive letters of recommendation from your supervising physician.

Attendance and active participation in this specialty webinar is required ONLY for any AmeriClerkships member who is enrolled in Postgraduate Subinternships (PGSI) clinical block(s).

This 30-minute interactive webinar will prepare you for your PGSI by providing you with the key factors to successfully navigate your way within U.S. Graduate Medical Education, and among active U.S. medical residency faculty, residents and even program directors. We will be answering questions about what to expect, and what your supervisors will be expecting from you. This orientation session will help you to prepare you to have an excellent experience that will increase your chances of getting positive letters of recommendation from residency program faculty.

To register for this specialty webinar please visit the Postgraduate Subinternship Orientation registration page.

Get $100 for Fulfilling the Above Within 7 Days of Enrollment

Ask your AmeriClerkships Member Enrollment & Hospital Liaison if you believe you qualify.

 Required Documents Disclaimer

Members are responsible for ALL costs associated with securing and submitting ALL of the above required documents. All documents are required for Full Enrollment Certification (FEC) and must be submitted and approved no later than 14 days before your scheduled start date. Late document submission will incur additional fees, including a $199 FASTart1 expedited processing fee. Your supervising attending physician may have you accompany him/her to healthcare facilities that AmeriClerkships is unaware of. Please note that all U.S. healthcare facilities (i.e. hospitals, emergency rooms, surgical centers, clinics, etc.) are regulated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, hence unauthorized entry into such facilities may be deemed as a violation of HIPAA, carry civil penalties, be prosecutable as trespassing by such facilities, and a violation of the AmeriClerkships “ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY” (explained in your Enrollment Agreement). Therefore for everyone’s protection (including yours), AmeriClerkships members may only enter healthcare facilities that they have been expressly authorized to enter (documented in the FINAL CONFIRMATION email which is sent to members prior to the start of each clinical block). Approval by AmeriClerkships does not guarantee clearance by the U.S. Border Control or any other U.S. government agency.

Minimum requirements for:

  • Conditional Letter of Enrollment: 1) Digitally signed Enrollment Agreement, 2) Picture of your passport personal information page and photo, 3) Picture of your medical school ID badge OR transcript OR USMLE document (to establish you are a medical student/graduate), 4) Negative background check, 5) Mandatory Online Orientation: US Clinical Experience, 6) Financial good standing with AmeriClerkships.
  • Letter of Enrollment: ALL documents required to become Fully Enrolled Certified.

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