Steps to Membership: Get Enrolled, Get Insured and Get Support

/Steps to Membership: Get Enrolled, Get Insured and Get Support

Steps to Membership: Get Enrolled, Get Insured and Get Support

The following links will guide you to becoming a member of AmeriClerkships Medical Society.

STEP 1: Membership +/- Clinicals

  • Membership Only: Click to join the truly global community of over 3,500 medical students & medical graduates from 250 medical schools, united by a commitment to Match into U.S. medical residencies. Our membership benefits will help you prevent catastrophic setbacks when applying to U.S. medical residencies. Otherwise click the  icon for live chat or contact us and ask to speak with a Residency Enrollment Strategist.
  • Membership + Clinicals: Membership will definitely shape-up your residency application package so you can have a better chance at being noticed, but no medical residency application is complete without recent residency-relevant insured U.S. clinical experiences. Plus, your AmeriClerkships membership comes with a 1 year of $1/3 million professional liability insurance coverage included already, so please take a look at MyClinicals: ‘The World’s Largest Booking Site for U.S. Clinical Clerkships”, in preparation for Step 2 below. Note that some clinical sites and hospitals may require up to 90 days to process and approve you, so please plan accordingly.

STEP 2: Authorize, Select & Agree

  1. Medical Students & Residents Only: Complete the AmeriClerkships “Clinical Authorization Letter (CAL)” (must be signed by your medical school or residency supervisor, or waived by you).
  2. Familiarize yourself with the 4 phases of becoming Fully Enrolled Certified (and required documents).
  3. Speak with an AmeriClerkships Residency Enrollment Strategist for medical residency focused membership benefits and clinical options.
  4. Review and select your clinical blocks using your personalized Clinical Site Options List.
  5. Approve your final clinical details, then digitally sign the AmeriClerkships Enrollment Agreement via your personalized AmeriClerkships MyClinicals account

STEP 3: Payment

  1. Review available payment plans.
  2. Pay your invoice online (or inquire about a Wells Fargo counter deposit for additional discounts)
  3. You will receive step by step instructions about your membership benefits, and details about your upcoming clinicals.
  4. Sponsored by an institution? Please contact to confirm a working relationship with your sponsoring institution, make financial arrangements and provide you with a clearance.

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