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Insured Not-for-Credit “Postgraduate Subinternships” (PGSI)

Sanctioned by the Graduate Medical Education (GME) office of Larkin Community Teaching Hospital, AMS members who graduated from medical school will begin to function as subinterns, under the supervision of a resident, or a teaching attending physician, or a residency program faculty, or the program director (Supervisor). […]

Insured Not-for-Credit “U.S. Clinical Experiences” (USCE)

Reserved for medical students or graduates looking to do good for the community at large as clinical volunteers, all while strengthening their commitment to a particular field of medicine. […]

Insured For-Credit U.S. “Clinical Clerkships/Rotations” (Clerkships)

Clinical clerkships/rotations are reserved for medical students and U.S. medical residents, in order to complete a specific curriculum in fulfillment of requirements for graduation. A Clinical Authorization Letter signed by each sponsoring medical school or residency program is required. […]

Insured For-Credit U.S. “Clinical Externships”

Externships are for-credit experiences for healthcare colleges. AMS currently offers medical assisting and advanced medical assisting clinical externships.  [Coming Soon]

Commitment to Clarity

Learn about various definitions, clinical features, basic goals and objectives, as well as familiarize yourself with what constitutes as the foundation for our relationship with our members and affiliated physicians […]